Kenya Partners Nakuru Computer Lab

Digital Bridge had the privilege over the summer of working with Kenya Partners, an independent charitable organization based in Nakuru, Kenya, to bring a lab of 33 computers to Kenya Partners' secondary school. We are happy to announce that the computer lab is now completely set up and functional!


We prepared the computers and power bricks and mailed them to Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, UT. Members of the church prepping to travel to Nakuru to assist Kenya Partners packed the computers up and took them along. Upon the group's arrival, members of Kenya Partners removed the older desktop computers from the secondary school lab and replaced them with our laptops. The desktops were used to set up a new computer lab for primary school students. Now both schools have their own labs to use!

Diane from Kenya Partners had this to say about the labs:

"The primary students are so excited about having [a] computer lab - all classes, beginning with class 1, are having lessons in the computer lab each week. They talk about it to their parents and it is a great marketing tool.

The secondary students really like having laptops to learn on. The seniors (we call them form 4's) have just taken a "mock" national exam.... All form 1's and 2's (9th and 10th graders) take computer classes - then the 11th graders have the opportunity to go on with it for the last 2 years by selecting it as one of their optional subjects to study and be tested on. Our secondary computer teacher Clarice was selected last year by the government to help train other teachers in the country as computer studies is being brought in to the public schools."

Kenya Partners is "dedicated to combating extreme poverty through sustainable educational opportunities and access to comprehensive healthcare." Through this project and the new partnership we've formed with Kenya Partners, Digital Bridge is pleased to support their mission as well as our own.