Safe & Secure

While there are other places you can take your e-waste to be broken down and recycled, Digital Bridge is the ONLY entity in southeastern Wisconsin certified in Computer Hard Drive and Solid State Drive Sanitization. This means not only can we recycle your e-waste, we can provide 100% data security.

Digital Bridge is proud to be NAID AAA Certified with the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) to offer the following services:

  • Physical Computer Hard Drive Destruction

  • Computer Hard Drive Sanitization

  • SSD Sanitization

  • Non-paper Media Destruction

Our NAID AAA Certification means that we adhere to the highest, corporate-grade standards of data destruction, hardware sanitization and E-Steward environmentally responsible recycling.

More Than Just Recycling

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According to census data, Milwaukee, WI is the 13th worst connected city in America, with 23% of homes not having access to the internet. In addition to creating less toxic e-waste in landfills, your donation creates opportunities for low-income individuals to search and apply for jobs, access community resources, or even stay in contact with loved ones. We work dozens of area nonprofit organizations that help us connect our re-purposed technology to those in need such as:

  • Low-income families

  • Veterans

  • People with disabilities

  • Seniors

  • Nonprofit organizations

In addition to distributing refurbished technology, Digital bridge also installs computer labs in the community and provides digital literacy classes through the Bridge Milwaukee Program. Learn more about mission and our work from our interview with TMJ4.