We are Digital Bridge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to turning technology destined for the landfill into tools of empowerment used to connect the billions of people around the world without access to technology. In our 21st century global society, computer and Internet access is crucial to finding gainful employment, furthering educational opportunities, and breaking the cycle of poverty. We work with partnering nonprofits and non-governmental organizations in seven countries and counting, including the United States, to set up computer labs for those in need to use and to help nonprofits already doing good work to further their missions and create a lasting legacy, all using refurbished technology that otherwise poisons the ground in a landfill. It's eWaste to eTreasure.

It's that simple. Take old computers and hardware, fix them up, and put them to good use giving those in need access to valuable resources that we take for granted. We cut down on potentially toxic materials getting thrown out by putting them back to use with those already doing good. Want to donate your old technology? Volunteer with us and learn computer repair skills for yourself? Or perhaps you're with a nonprofit and want partner with us? You've come to the right place.


Have old technology collecting dust? Put it to use with a tax deductible donation. If we can't refurbish it for a lab, we'll recycle it for you.


Learn about computer repair, help those in need get the tools to succeed, and maybe even travel the world.


We work with nonprofits and NGOs both near and far to provide technology access and change people's lives. Would your organization like to partner with us?

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