Sierra Leone

On Saturday, November 23rd, Project: Community Computers and students from Lawrence University and Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) departed for Njala University in Sierra Leone. While there they will be setting up a computer lab for the 6,000 students and doing research on the impact technology can have in communities.

This is why Project:CC needs your help. We are still seeking funding and in order to continue bridging the digital divide in Milwaukee and around the world we need anything that you are able to give. Please visit our Indiegogo campaign where you can donate and then share our mission. Every cent you give makes a tremendous difference and it all goes back to communities in need.


YMCA Sponsor-a-Scholar Project in the April 2013 Mozee Minute

Our YMCA Sponsor-a-Scholor project was featured in the April 2013 Mozee Minute.  The Mozee Minute is the monthly newsletter for the Milwaukee School of Engineering community.

MSOE student supports YMCA scholars

MSOE student Jeff Hanson, who coordinates Project Community Computers (PCC), refurbished and distributed 15 laptop computers to inner-city kids participating in the YMCA Sponsor-a-Scholar program. The computers were donated by MSOE's IT Department. Many of these students have no access to computer technology at home, but can now engage in homework assignments more easily and prepare for post-secondary education pursuits.

The full newsletter can be found here: Mozee Minute April 2013

Summerfield UMC Project in Milwaukee, WI

This summary explains our partnership with the church: We believe that technology is a vital tool for spreading the Good News of Jesus and sharing this love with our local community.  Summerfield UMC has combined it numerous technology-based initiatives into a formal ministry. A generation ago, knowledge was obtained only from books. To see the world meant getting on a plane, or at least waiting for a picture postcard in the mail. Today, the internet has transformed the computer into a tiny portal that connects to a vast social network of people and information. purchase Tadalafil Understanding this need, we have established two computer labs. The Summerfield UMC Meal Outreach Computer Lab, and the Samuel Fallows Multimedia Center at Summerfield UMC. This technology will allow the needy of Milwaukee to utilize resources that they normally have limited access to, such as job searches, connecting with family via eMail, and exploring educational opportunities. It offers multimedia and print resources, such as audio sermon series, Bible commentaries, concordances and reference materials, with literature about Christian living.

We would like to thank our partners Project: Community Computers for their donation of equipment and training. We are grateful for their support. pills made from natural herbal ingredients: Posted under Tech Ministry

Our Next Generation Project in Milwaukee, WI

During Winter Quarter at MSOE, we teamed up with Robert Dunn, CEO of Our Next Generation here in Milwaukee, to set up a computer lab at their main location for the students to use.

Our Next Generation, Inc. is a program to help urban youth achieve academic and personal success.

"In the community we serve, statistics tell us that without intervention less than 40% of children will graduate from high school."

Our Next Generation makes sure every student who walks through their doors graduates from high school and has future goals set.

We have been setting up a lab with about 18 computers. All of which have internet access. With the usual Ubuntu software installed, there is lots of educational software for the students to use in their free time.  All of the computers also have the standard office software and are hooked up to a printer so students can print school projects, etc.

Rafael Possamai, a fellow MSOE student who has been putting a lot of time into help with this lab, has been hired part time by ONG to help with their other IT issues. He will be their after we finish setting up the lab to make sure it continues to function, and that it gets used to its fullest potential.

Please check out their website to find out more about what they do and how you can help:

Updates on Projects in Kenya

Last month Brydie from Project Kenya made a quick trip to Migori.  We sent a laptop with her which she personally delivered to our friend Joram Matunga.  Joram is attending IAT School of Business in Nairobi.  He is now using the laptop for his school work.

Brydie also got some good news about Mbarro primary.  Because of the lab we set up this summer, "the Ministry of Education announced that Nyamome Primary's computer lab will become an e-learning site. It will be one of five schools chosen in the entire the area." This lab has proven to be quite the success and this is very exciting news!

More info on Migori can be found here.

Literacy Connection Project in Janesville, WI


This past Saturday, we donated computers to 14 students of The Literacy Connection in Janesville. These computers will help the students, who did not previously have computer access, study as well as obtain computer skills. We set up a demo station inside to give everyone a feel for the software and make sure they were able to set them up when they got home. Universal Recycling Technologies of Janesville donated 14 used LCD monitors for the occasion. All of the recipients were very ecstatic about the opportunity.  Everything went well and we're hoping this is something we can repeat in the future!