We're Going Pro! Project: Community Computers, LLC

For the past four years, Project: Community Computers has been a small student organization at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. We have all given our time to this organization as a hobby, a side project to everything else that has been going on in our lives. Even though we've accomplished a lot we have decided to take things to the next level. Kick things up a notch, if you will. Today, we are excited to announce our intentions to turn Project: Community Computers in to a full-fledged 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

For the interim, we have formed Project: Community Computers, LLC, a not-for-profit corporation that will allow us to continue to grow as we work towards our tax-exempt status. We have also overhauled our entire website to give the world a better view of our work. You may also have noticed the new logo, courtesy of our friend Dylan Moriarty.

In addition to all of the organizational changes happening with Project:CC, we have continued our mission with a new project set up in China (details coming soon!), pending expansions to the Summerfield UMC project, another project here in Milwaukee, and travel plans to Sierra Leone this fall!

Thank you to everybody for your continued support so far over these past four years.  The next four will be even better!