Engineers Without Borders - Joyabaj, Quice, Guatemala

Through the help of Alex Winning we were able to get a nice laptop sent down to Guatemala with MSOE's EWB chapter to help with maintaining infrastructure in rural areas.

Partner: Engineers Without Borders (MSOE Chapter)

Location: Joyabaj, Quice, Guatemala

Date: November 2011

Size: 1 Laptop

"The Circuit Riders are located in several
regions of Guatemala and it is essential that they all have good
communications equipment so that they can send their observations and
reports to me so that I can communicate accurately with groups such a
Dr. Doug Stahl and Mike Paddock are supervising.

Mincho Ortega was the recipient of the computer and disks. He is
located in Joyabaj central Quiche department of Guatemala. He is
currently working on identifying several potential bridge projects for
Doug and Mike and is developing a maintenance project for water
systems in the municipality of Joyabaj with the mayor.

I am sending you photos of Mincho and Mike Paddock measuring the river
for the Las Lomas suspension foot bridge that will be constucted in
Late jan. 2012. This is an example of the type of information that
will be transmitted using your donated computer.

Hasta pronto.....Lynn"